class ehforwarderbot.MsgType[source]

An enumeration.

Audio = 'Audio'

Audio message. Including music and voice message.

File = 'File'

Messages sent as a file.

Image = 'Image'

Image (picture) message

Message that is mainly one specific link, or a text message with one link preview.

Location = 'Location'

Location message.

Status = 'Status'

Status from a user in a chat, usually typing and uploading.

Sticker = 'Sticker'

Pictures sent with few text caption, usually a transparent background, and a limited number of options that is usually not from the user’s photo gallery.

Text = 'Text'

Text message

Unsupported = 'Unsupported'

Any type of message that is not listed above. A text representation is required.

Video = 'Video'

Video message

class ehforwarderbot.ChatType[source]

An enumeration.

Group = 'Group'
System = 'System'
Unknown = 'Unknown'
User = 'User'
class ehforwarderbot.TargetType[source]

An enumeration.

Member = 'Member'
Message = 'Message'
Substitution = 'Substitution'
class ehforwarderbot.ChannelType[source]

An enumeration.

Master = 'Master'
Slave = 'Slave'