Kode sumber untuk ehforwarderbot.middleware

# coding=utf-8

from abc import ABC
from typing import Optional, Dict, Callable, TYPE_CHECKING
from .types import ModuleID, InstanceID, ExtraCommandName

    from .message import Message
    from .status import Status

__all__ = ['Middleware']

[docs]class Middleware(ABC): """ Middleware class. Attributes: middleware_id (str): Unique ID of the middleware. Convention of IDs is specified in :doc:`/guide/packaging`. This ID will be appended with its instance ID when available. middleware_name (str): Human-readable name of the middleware. instance_id (str): The instance ID if available. """ middleware_id: ModuleID = ModuleID("efb.empty_middleware") middleware_name: str = "Empty Middleware" instance_id: Optional[InstanceID] = None __version__: str = 'undefined version'
[docs] def __init__(self, instance_id: Optional[InstanceID] = None): """ Initialize the middleware. Inherited initializer MUST call the "super init" method at the beginning. Args: instance_id: Instance ID of the middleware. """ if instance_id: self.instance_id = InstanceID(instance_id) self.middleware_id = ModuleID(self.middleware_id + "#" + instance_id)
[docs] def get_extra_functions(self) -> Dict[ExtraCommandName, Callable]: """Get a list of additional features Returns: Dict[str, Callable]: A dict of methods marked as additional features. Method can be called with ``get_extra_functions()["methodName"]()``. """ methods = {} for mName in dir(self): m = getattr(self, mName) if callable(m) and getattr(m, "extra_fn", False): methods[ExtraCommandName(mName)] = m return methods
[docs] def process_message(self, message: 'Message') -> Optional['Message']: """ Process a message with middleware Args: message (:obj:`~.message.Message`): Message object to process Returns: Optional[:obj:`~.message.Message`]: Processed message or None if discarded. """ return message
[docs] def process_status(self, status: 'Status') -> Optional['Status']: """ Process a status update with middleware Args: status (:obj:`~.status.Status`): Message object to process Returns: Optional[:obj:`~.status.Status`]: Processed status or None if discarded. """ return status