In complex modules, you should have detailed logs in DEBUG level and optionally INFO level. All your log handlers SHOULD follow that of the root logger, which is controlled by the framework. This could be helpful when for you to locate issues reported by users.


Jika anda memuat informasi khusus untuk vendor dalam pesan dan/atau obrolan, tolong buat upaya anda untuk mengumpulkan di README atau dokumentasi, sehingga pengembang lain dapat mengambilnya ketika menyesuaikan dengan modul anda.


All channels are RECOMMENDED a separate thread while processing a new message, so as to prevent unexpectedly long thread blocking.

We are also considering to move completely to asynchronous programming when most channels are ready for the change.

Static type checking

EH Forwarder Bot is fully labeled in the Python 3 type hint notations. Since sometimes maintaining a module with high complexity could be difficult, we RECOMMEND you to type your module too and use tools like mypy to check your code statically.